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I bought this little netbook a couple of months ago it was February I think. Now I can safely write my opinion about it and my experiences with it. I bought it from Plaisioa Greek store for euros.

I could buy it form eshopanother online Greek store for euros but Plaisio sold it with Asus Eee PC 1005HA_GG USB prepaid Vodafone on Demand broadband stick from Vodafone which costs 50euros on it's own. I wouldn't buy the USB stick otherwise but Plaisio had an additional offer for buying their combo: In any case I trust Plaisio more than eshop. The first impression was great. It had Windows XP Home Greek preinstalled and a version of Linux which I didn't really fancy so I only checked their main features and never used them again.


That was great, for the first time I had a laptop in my hands that didn't suffer from useless programs. The touchpad responds nicely and supports double-touch for zooming in Asus Eee PC 1005HA_GG out. It has no visible limits but I quickly got used to it. Secondly the loudspeakers are worst than the one on my mobile phone Nokia E The screen on the other hand is fantastic. Its native resolution is x at The screen surface is matte so you won't have Asus Eee PC 1005HA_GG problems using it in the sunny outdoors.

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The keyboard is fine. It covers the whole width of the netbook width and the only problem you will probably encounter is that it has tiny cross the arrow keysespecially the up and down arrows which occupy the space of one normal key together. In the next days I repartitioned the drive to reclaim the space used by Linux which I didn't use and to consolidate the pointlessly numerous partitions. I used an Ubuntu live Asus Eee PC 1005HA_GG and everything went absolutely fine. I could finally copy my Music which filled a 70GB partition.

Over the days I installed many different programs some of which were quite stressful for it's 1. For example Freenet and NetBeans. But still the netbook ran quite fast for my taste. The only thing that made it crawl was the Antivirus.

I tried some other antiviruses too, like Comodo, but still the laptop was much slow so I disabled Avira's permanent protection One of the many small programs I tried is CleanMem which empties the cache memory among other things. CleanMem runs on specified intervals usually every 30 minutes using a Scheduled Task. At some point, for some reason, I opened the Scheduled Tasks and, apart from CleanMem's task I saw another task named A which after viewing it's properties, I saw that it was scheduled to run every first of the month. That task would run an executable in the system32 directory named cmmmon I scanned the file with Avira and yeaaap it was a virus.

I moved it somewhere else and then did a full system scan which found nothing more. I scanned the pc with many tools which reported nothing suspicious. The only way for SpyDLLRemover to detect Asus Eee PC 1005HA_GG process was by brute-forcing openprocess over all possible Asus Eee PC 1005HA_GG ids.


I tried many, if not all, rootkit removers by many different companies but none could find anything. What could I do?

Asus EEE-PC 1201HA, 1001, 1005, 1101 Series

I did a factory restore. I tried to do it from the hidden partition but it seems that my repartitioning had somehow messed it up so I ended up borrowing an external DVD drive from a friend and using the DVD that accompanied the netbook Imagine: Sony didn't bother to give a DVD along with my other laptop which costs euros, Asus gave one with a euros netbook which doesn't even have a DVD Asus Eee PC 1005HA_GG, just in case you need it. So after the restoration process which BTW used Norton Ghost I did the mistake to run one or two programs before running SpyDllRemover which, as you imagined, found the rootkit process again.

I was tired and angry. Was the image infected" to a openprocess call when there is not such process???

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I don't see how this method could give false positives. Eee PC HA_GG. Support. Eee PC HA_GG. Product Support for. Eee PC HA_GG. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support.

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