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The player can also downsample the digital output if your surround processor can't decode a kHz PCM signal.

The audio setup menu gives you three basic options for the digital-audio output format. The main catch is that only the setting called Bitstream Audiophile lets you send a native DTS-HD Master Audio signal to Samsung BD-P1500 Player (CD type) receiver, although this setting won't allow you to hear the picture-in-picture commentary track on Blu-ray Discs with Bonus View features.

Sure, you can always go back into the menu and change the output option when needed, but that Samsung BD-P1500 Player (CD type) easily become one of those little things that results in some head-scratching. The Samsung's video setup is pretty basic, with none of the picture or noise-reduction adjustments you find on some other players. Other than basic output-resolution and aspect-ratio settings, there's a frame-per-second fps film-mode option that eliminates the need for 2: In fact this type of style is used throughout most of Samsungs new Samsung BD-P1500 Player (CD type) of products. Thus the menu is very easy to navigate and user friendly.

The intro screen is just a cloudy blue screen with the Samsung logo located at the top. The GUI is sluggish and slow to respond to Samsung BD-P1500 Player (CD type) inputs so it is kind of a downer. This alone kills the experience because if you need to rewind, fast forward, or just do something that should be simple, it takes a real long time to complete.

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I found myself shaking my head and frustrated at times because of the sluggish feeling, and other times I would keep pushing the button so it can speed up, yet nothing would happen until seconds after I mashed the same button five times in a row. Apparently only the PlayStation 3 has this feature. Negatives Samsung BD-P1500 Player (CD type), when the Samsung BD-P is in use it provides very good picture quality. Image quality and detail of Blu-Ray movies amaze you and frankly make you not want to go back to watching old standard DVDs. You zone out and are immersed into it. The only thing that could be missing from the experience is your sound system, and that is why I told you to invest in something other than your integrated speakers. DVD upconversion gave a little bit of mixed reviews.

Samsung BD-P1500 DVD Player User Manual

I frankly could not tell that much of a difference of upconversion on the BD-P than that of what the Xbox the is known to be poor performer on this front. Samsung has been steadily releasing Blu-ray players since the format's launch. In fact, it was their BD-P Profile 1. The P rather infamously arrived to market amidst much criticism for having what many videophiles saw as a flawed video processor that had its DNR Digital Noise Reduction circuitry turned on by Samsung BD-P1500 Player (CD type), thereby resulting in a softened image playback.

Samsung Bd P eBay

It didn't help that the first crop of titles from Sony, such as the original BD release of The Fifth Element, were less than spectacular as well. Features The first thing you'll notice about the P is its sleek design. Out of the current crop of Blu-ray players, the Samsung is arguably the best looking of them all. On the far left directly under the disc tray is the Power button. Unfortunately the display is both too small and too dim to make much of anything out from Samsung BD-P1500 Player (CD type) reasonable sitting distance.

Sadly, the onscreen display during playback doesn't offer up much information either. The P has no bitrate meter for either the audio or the video playback, and it doesn't give any information on what audio or video codecs are being utilized.

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The rear of the unit, naturally, is where you will find all of your connectivity options. For those with newer receivers with HDMI 1.


The unit only offers stereo analog outputs, therefore if you cannot use HDMI for multichannel sound, you'll be stuck listening to the legacy codecs via the optical output. The P is "BD-Live Ready," but as of the writing of this review, it has not yet received Samsung BD-P1500 Player (CD type) firmware update to activate this functionality. Buy Samsung BD-P p Blu-ray Disc Player ( Model): Blu-ray Players What kind of cables, connections do I need to have to make Blu-ray work? DTS decoder, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD.

Type. Blu-ray disc player. Media Type. BD-R, BD-RE, BD-ROM, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R.

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