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Lenovo, 3gb ram Installation of ubuntu - it was a breeze, detection of wi-fi, wired, software install, drivers all is working smooth without any hitch. Project84 January 3rd, Starting the laptop will give you the option of booting Windows 7 or Ubuntu, both of which work perfectly.

Ubuntu supports all devices out of the box, including the built in wireless network card and the web cam. You need to install a program such as "Cheese webcam booth" to use the camera, but you don't need to worry about driver Asus K42JK Turbo Boost for the hardware. Same for the Atheros AR5B93 network card, Asus K42JK Turbo Boost right away. Depending on your personal network configuration, different things may have to be done to get your Ubuntu machine to connect to a windows network and interface with shared network folders and drives.

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If you're not familiar with Ubuntu, its more difficult to find the information about what needs to be done than actually doing it. This is a bug with a wirless driver that does not exist. You Asus K42JK Turbo Boost have to enter the terminal to blacklist the drivers.

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Answers can be found in the threads. Unreasonable January 4th, Asus K42JK Turbo Boost card Broadcom works perfectly with The 90 Watt mains adaptor, however, is large enough to cope with this. In combination with the energy consumption, as described above, we get a maximum expected battery life of around 6.

With realistic day-to-day usage, for example when surfing the net, a battery run-time of around 5 hours can be expected. As long as you select 'high-performance profile' in Windows Energy Manager, you can also avoid any reduction in CPU performance during battery use. G73JH battery Verdict In the 'Verdict' of our review of the Dell XPS 15z, which was launched in advance of this model, we looked hopefully Asus K42JK Turbo Boost the models still to come; now we are faced with the reality.

With the case, Dell has done almost everything right, particularly in terms of visual impact. The XPS 14z is every bit as stylish as its big brother, and will look good in every conceivable environment.

The successful harmonising of the colours and tones together with the aluminium case makes an excellent impression. Asus K53E Battery The first weak point is the ports; above all, the decision to place almost all the ports on the back edge, without leaving a single USB on the side, is incomprehensible to us.

ICS-213 report download, free ICS-213 report download.

Asus K42JK Turbo Boost This means that even plugging in a simple USB memory stick requires awkward fumbling behind the machine. If you look inside the notebook, the reason for this becomes evident as there is limited space on the motherboard, but this does not change the fact that it's inconvenient for the user. The keyboard has LED backlighting and a very generously sized layout.

The touch could be considered a little unclear or even spongy depending on your preference. The second weak point is most definitely the display.

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But the contrast ratio of only It makes it almost irrelevant that the colour space is only entry-level standard, that the reflective screen surface makes outdoor use practically impossible, Asus K42JK Turbo Boost that the viewing angles are not the best. Asus AK53 In terms of power, you can be pleased at the high performance you get from the latest Intel Core processors. The rpm hard drive does offer slightly better speeds than the usual rpm models, which shows up in the good results of the application benchmarks, but the flip side is the higher noise level that results.

It's a mystery to us why Dell don't consistently use SSDs for the top multimedia range of their notebook portfolio with a price to match! ASUS G73JH-A2 battery The graphics performance from the GT M is on the mediocre side, but the notebook would probably not have been able to take much more than this with regards to its cooling ability, as it already has problems keeping the core and case temperatures under control under stress. On the positive side: ASUS G53JW battery All in all, we see hardly any advantage to choosing this Dell XPS 14z over its larger brother the XPS 15z, other than the somewhat more compact form and g less weight; the Asus K42JK Turbo Boost has the distinct advantage, first and foremost, of a much better display FHD availableand its battery life is better too.

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To compensate the rather poor performance, it excels with an extremely low power consumption and low price design. Processor & Cache Memory Intel Core i5 Processor M/M/M: GHz - GHz, with Turbo Boost up to // GHz. ADS HERE Asus K42JK Specifications Display Speed: GHz - Asus K42JK Turbo Boost, with Turbo Boost up to // GHz.


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