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With reference to FIG. A horizontal drive 26 is operable with the controller 18 for providing horizontal movement 28 along a second axis For the embodiment herein described Artronix AT6 Scanner way of example, the horizontal drive 26 is operable with the ring drive 20 for receiving the rotational movement A vertical drive 32 is operable with the controller 18 for providing vertical movement 34 of the horizontal drive 26 along a third axis 36 responsive to the commands from the controller A radiation detector 38 carried by a mount 40 affixed to the horizontal drive 26 for locating it along the drive 26 by the horizontal movement The radiation detector 38 provides sensing signals to the processor 16 for selected locations of the radiation detector when orientated through the circular rotationalhorizontal, and vertical movements 22, 28, 34 along the first, second and third axes 24, 30, 36, respectively, as a result of the commands from the controller As illustrated with Artronix AT6 Scanner to FIG.

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The horizontal drive 26 comprises a belt and pulley assembly 46 driven by a second motor 48 and shaft 49operable for moving the radiation detector 38 horizontally. The vertical drive 32 comprises a screw gear 50 driven by a third motor 52 mounted to the ring drive While individual motors are herein described by way of 0 example, alternate gearing and linkages will come to the mind of those Artronix AT6 Scanner in the art now having the benefit of the teachings of the present invention. With reference again to FIG.

In addition, a reference detector 56 is located at a fixed location 5 for comparing the sensing signals from the radiation detector 38 to the reference detector. As illustrated with reference again to FIGS.


The controller 18 is capable of communicating movement commands and receiving encoder information! The embodiment herein described is by way of example only for one application for the cylindrical scanning system However, other geometrically shaped vessels! During scans, the vessel may contain water, or air scans may also be performed with an empty vessel, depending upon the requirements of the operator and the TPS. With reference now to FIG. The offset mount 64 is dimensioned for extending the radiation detector 38 up to or closely proximate an inside wall surface 66 of the vessel 58 during a scanning 5 movement Artronix AT6 Scanner the radiation detector.

The offset mount 64 may comprise multiple detectors 38a, 38b, 38c as desired and illustrated with reference to FIG. The surface sensor 68 in one embodiment is 0 carried by the horizontal drive for allowing measurements to be taken at multiple non- collinear positions by movement of the vertical drive 32 for locating the surface of the water The surface sensor 68 may include an ultrasonic sensor, a capacitive sensor, or alternatives as desired. Adjustment means 74 is operable with the table 72 for providing a leveling of the table and an axis adjustment 76 for operation with the radiation detector 38 thus providing an alignment of the first axis 24 of the ring drive 20 to a beam axis 78 from the radiation source The water tank, vessel 58 is positioned on a top side of the platform 73A.

During operation of the system 10, the processor16, using the water surface sensor 68 locates the first axis 24 and any tilt error with the water surface and then commands the 74A and 74B motors to adjust the platform 73 to be level with the water surface The 30 processor 16, using the horizontal drive 26 for scanning the radiation detector 38, locates the beam axis 78 a LINAC central axis CAX by way of example on the X axis, then rotates the circular gear 42 by 90 degrees. The same operation is performed on the Y axis CAY. Alternatively, multiple offsets may be employed, as illustrated in FIG.

Other mount 0 offsets with various numbers of detectors Artronix AT6 Scanner become obvious for those skilled in the art. Note that the center mounting may be omitted in some configurations.


With regard to functionality of the system 10 and to further aid the reader, the following discussion is provided as reported by W Simon8 for "Scan De-Convolution and Chamber Spread Function. This effect can be characterized by a spread function, K, that represents physical phenomena of the spatial extension and spatial sensitivity of the dosimeter. The influence of a detector spread function can be eliminated by Artronix AT6 Scanner the spread function from the measured dose distribution Dm employing!

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The Fourier transform of P is known to be: The raw scan data in FIG. Notice that the Edge 84 and EBT 86 trace 5 out an identical Artronix AT6 Scanner, thus validating each other.

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The penumbrae, measured from 20 to 80 percent by Edge and EBT, are 2. The deconvolution will eliminate the effect of the detector-spread function on the measured data set. In order to apply the deconvolution the Artronix AT6 Scanner edge must be scanned until the dose reaches the collimator transmission level plus the distance where the spread function has effectively fallen to zero. The film dose!

Scanners Artronix driver download

This resulted in the deviation from the diode data outside the penumbra in the low dose region. The EBT film may require frequent calibration for application in low dose regions. 21 Artronix Scanners available.

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