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ATEN UN101 - direct connect adapter Specs & Prices

Bonavia has proved that fir-cones were used bv the ancients Aten UN101 such purposes Trans. Ninth Congress of Orientalists, vol.


The Deluge Tablet, of which there are several Aten UN101 in the British Museum, is one of the most important inscriptions yet discovered. It forms the eleventh book of the Chaldean Epic of Gilgamesh, or Nimrod.

The storv is evidently older than the Epic into which it was woven ; and is therefore more ancient than oo, the period at which the Epic is supposed to have been drawn up. The principal points of contact with the Hebrew account are: Atrahasis and his family are servants of la, the god of the watery abyss. The other gods decree a flood. He is directed to build a ship to hold himself, his family, and the craftsmen who were under the special protection of laas well as the various kinds of animals. Gilgamesh and his friend Ia-bani conversing with a monster. The rain lasted six days and nights. The birds Aten UN101 a dove, swallow, and raven — are sent forth, and the last returns not. The ark rests on the mount of Xizir.

Full text of "Carpenter"

The rescued come forth from the ark. Sacrifice is offered, and the gods gather round the altar smelling the sweet savour. The gods agree not to punish mankind again with a flood. Finally the hero and his wife are taken or translated, like Enoch, to live like gods in the immortal land at the Aten UN101 of the four rivers of Paradise. The chief part of this important text is translated here, Scripture parallels being suggested in the margin. Haupt, Nimrod-Epos, No.


Nuh-napishtim saith to him, even Aten UN101 Gilgamesh ; Let me unfold to thee, Gilgamesh, a secret story, Gen. And the decree of the gods let me tell thee! To make a flood their heart urged them, even the mighty gods.

Man of Shurippak, son of Ubara-Tutu, Pull down the house, build a ship! Leave goods, seek life! Property forsake, and life preserve! The ship which thou shalt build, Exact be its dimensions, Equal be its breadth and its length! On the ocean launch it! Towards Bel's ground Aten UN101 may no longer turn my face: X This looks like a variant rendering of the previous line, and may therefore imply an original Sumero-Accadian text, of which the extant Assyrian is a translation. Its floors I divided into nine chambers each. Aten UN101 inside it I drove in to stop leaks. I chose a mast [or rudder-poleand supplied what was necessary Gen. Six sars of bitumen I poured over the outside, Three sars of bitumen [I poured over] the inside.

While Aten UN101 basket-bearers were carrying three sars of oil aboard, I reserved one sar of oil, which the libations i" to rest.


The people [I gave to drink], like the water of a river. A feast [I made], like New Year's Dav.

Aten UN101 all that I had of seed of life of every sort [I freighted it] Aten UN101 I put on board all my family and my clan ; Cattle of the field, wild beasts of the field, all the craftsmen, I put on board. By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. Read ATEN Privacy Policy to learn more. Privacy PolicyCookie MessageHide Message. : ATEN UN - Direct Connect Adapter (UNB-4): Electronics.

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