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They only code for CBA, so this guide is kind of a big organised list of their hard work, as well as conversions to the other code types. Every attempt has been made to ensure the codes in this guide are accurate and will not damage your game, Magic Pro MP-P6V-A The codes don't work!!! Magic Pro MP-P6V-A

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Before Magic Pro MP-P6V-A email me: You can verify this by trying it out with other codes. If none of the codes work, then there's probably something wrong with the code or your device. However, I can confirm that the Eurasia version is fine.

Test it out with some other game. Include the version no.

What are these RAW codes I see? What's the best item to get?


If you email me with any game related questions I will blast your message into oblivion. Well, there's no harm in asking There's just the wee problem of me actually having the game but I have my, uh, sources. So it depends on whether Magic Pro MP-P6V-A can be bothered or not. Each section has been assigned a code, which is listed in the contents.


This should take you to the section you're looking for. If you are deciding which device to buy, get a PAR V3. Despite the fact that there are compatibility issues, it is now very easy to encrypt V3 compatible codes, and the V3 has far more code types, allowing for advanced code types that the other devices do not have. Ensure you are using the Codebreaker Enable codes and you shouldn't have any problems with this. You do not to do anything to the Codebreaker codes, you can just put them straight into your device. For more info and codes for Codebreaker visit Magic Pro MP-P6V-A.

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This is due to changes in code software and formats, etc The codes may not work if you: Own an early version Gameshark. It is recommended you have at least Version 1. Own a PAR V3. The PAR V3 has a new code format, which is not compatible with the codes presented in this guide. Use the PAR V3 codes instead. Own a non-GBA Gameshark. These codes are not compatible with devices Magic Pro MP-P6V-A the Magic Pro MP-P6V-A Colour. For Gameshark tech help goto www. This is because they have to be encrypted.

To use GSA codes for 'slot mods' e. Item slot mod, you have to encrypt them first all other codes have already been encrypted. Please refer to the section Magic Pro MP-P6V-A ARCrypt for info on how to do this. These codes can also be converted using ARCrypt with separate settings.

In fact, most of the codes were hacked with VisualBoyAdvance. If you have any other emulator, I suggest you ditch it and go to http: You do not need to enter any Enable codes when using an emulator. MP-P6VM-A Bios v.M05 Modify BIOS for SCSI card. _ MP-P6V-DG Bios v.M Experts in Magic-Pro Motherboard compatible upgrades. Free delivery to Select your Magic-Pro below or use the Search Bar. Magic Pro MP-P6V-A sure which. MP-P6V-DG.

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