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The system and method include one or more data compression algorithms with at least one data compression algorithm from among the one or more data compression algorithms utilizing an asymmetric data compression. The system and method determine a type of data having one or more Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2, attributes, or values of the data from at least a portion of a data block; select one or more data compression algorithms from among the one or more data compression algorithms based upon the determined type of data and a throughput of a communications channel; and perform data compression with the selected one or more data compression algorithms on at least the portion of the data block. Technical Field The present invention relates generally to data compression and decompression and, in particular, to a system and method for compressing and decompressing data based on an actual or expected throughput bandwidth of a system that employs data compression.

Description of the Related Art There are a variety of Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2 compression algorithms that are currently available, both well-defined and novel. Many compression algorithms define one or more parameters that can be varied, either dynamically or a-priori, to change the performance characteristics of the algorithm. For example, with a typical dictionary based compression algorithm such as Lempel-Ziv, the size of the dictionary can affect the performance of the algorithm. Indeed, a large dictionary may be employed to yield very good compression ratios but the algorithm may take a long time to execute.

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If speed were more important than Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2 ratio, then the algorithm can be limited by selecting a smaller dictionary, thereby obtaining a much faster compression time, but at the possible cost of a lower compression ratio. The desired performance of a compression algorithm and the system in which the data compression is employed, will vary depending on the application. Thus, one challenge in employing data compression for a given application or system is selecting one or more Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2 compression algorithms from the variety of available algorithms.

Indeed, the desired balance between speed and efficiency is typically a significant factor that is considered in determining Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2 algorithm to employ for a given set of data. Algorithms that compress particularly well usually take longer to execute whereas algorithms that execute quickly usually do not compress particularly well. Accordingly, a system and method that would provide dynamic modification of compression system parameters so as to provide an optimal balance between execution speed of the algorithm compression rate and the resulting compression ratio, is highly desirable. Yet another problem within the current art is data storage and retrieval bandwidth limitations.

Modern computers utilize a hierarchy of memory devices. In order to achieve maximum performance levels, modern processors utilize onboard memory and on board cache to obtain high bandwidth access to both program and data.


Limitations in process technologies currently prohibit placing a sufficient quantity of onboard memory for most applications. Thus, in order to offer sufficient memory for the operating system sapplication programs, and user data, computers often use various forms of popular off-processor high speed memory including static random access memory SRAMAdaptec UN RAID P460-M2 dynamic random access memory SDRAMsynchronous burst static ram SBSRAM. Due to the prohibitive Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2 of the high-speed random access memory, coupled with their power volatility, a third lower level of the hierarchy exists for non-volatile mass storage devices.


While mass storage devices offer increased capacity and fairly economical data storage, their data storage and retrieval bandwidth is often much less in relation to the other elements of a computing system. Computers systems represent information in a variety of manners. Discrete information such as text and numbers are easily represented in digital data. This Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2 of data representation is known as symbolic digital data.

Symbolic digital data is thus an absolute representation of data such as a letter, figure, character, mark, machine code, or drawing. Continuous information such as speech, music, audio, images and video, frequently exists in the natural world as analog information. As is well known to those skilled in the art, recent advances in very large scale integration VLSI digital computer technology have enabled both discrete and analog information to be represented with digital data. Continuous information represented as digital data is often referred to as diffuse data. Diffuse digital data is thus a representation of data that is of low information density and is typically not easily recognizable to humans in its native form.

Modern computers utilize digital data representation because of its inherent advantages. For example, digital data is more readily processed, stored, and transmitted due to its inherently high Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2 immunity. One outcome of digital data representation is the continuing need for increased capacity in data processing, storage, and transmittal.

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This is especially true for diffuse data where increases in fidelity and resolution create exponentially greater quantities of data. Data compression is widely used to reduce the amount of data required to process, transmit, or store a given quantity of information. Adaptec UN Adaptec UN RAID P460-M2 PM2 Controller drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver packages will help.


Download ADAPTEC, INC. UN RAID PM2 Controller controller drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver update.

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