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Other, more minor changes include a slightly increased maximum frame rate in continuous shooting 8 vs 7 fpsoptional USB remote control and hot-shoe mounted external microphone, a selective color shooting mode, and compressed raw files on the new model.

NX210 (18-55 mm)

The latter should help reduce the NX's very long processing and write times. The new mm OIS kit lens has also been slightly modified, and version III now comes with a metal, rather than plastic mount. Visually there are no differences between the two cameras, apart from a Wi-Fi position on the NX's mode dial. Both models come in an attractive all-metal body that looks classy and is described by Samsung as 'Retro Modern'. It's a great improvement on the slightly unlovable NXwhich looked less like it had been styled and more like the NX10's internals had been dipped in molten plastic.

Instead the NX Samsung NX210 Camera LENS NX have a sleek black metal body with a soft-feel paint coating to the grip, that gives a real impression of quality.


The NX can shoot stills at up to 8 fps, and on the video side of things is capable of capturing p30 footage with control over shutter speed and aperture. The user interface offers the 'Smart Panel' option that we've first seen on the NX Also found on the bottom of the camera is a metal tripod mount which is commendably located in-line with the centre of the base. The NX uses the same built-in Samsung NX210 Camera LENS system as the original NX and NX10 models, which vibrates the sensor 60, times per second to remove any unwanted specks from appearing in your images.

By default this feature is turned off, something of an oversight by Samsung, so make sure to enable it so that it works every time you start-up the camera it only takes about one second. You can also perform a manual sensor clean at any point.

Samsung NX Review: Digital Photography Review

There's a traditional round dial with a positive click for the different exposure modes located on the far-right, which is a typical feature of DSLR cameras and enables you to quickly change between the various options. The usual selection of Program, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual are available for the more experienced photographers, and the more beginner-friendly Scene modes, Smart Auto and Lens Priority mode are also accessed via this dial. When the Lens Priority shooting mode is selected, the NX automatically recognise what type of lens has been Samsung NX210 Camera LENS and suggests a list of scene modes to choose from that are tailored to that specific lens.

While this helps to narrow down the usual vast number of choices, it would have been more effective if combined with the Smart Auto shooting mode, rather than being a stand-alone mode, as you still have to pick from the scene modes that are presented to you.

This shooting mode now also lets you select six of the ten filter effects that the camera offers. Smart Auto is Samsung's equivalent of the intelligent auto modes now found on most competitors models. You simply point the NX at a scene or subject and the camera hopefully recognizes it from 16 commonly used presets and automatically adjusts its settings to deliver optimum results. This means that it's not necessary for the user to manually delve into scene modes to call up the likes of 'landscape' or 'flower', essentially making the NX's operation merely a case Samsung NX210 Camera LENS point and shoot. Front Side In practice the Smart Auto system works very well, with the NX usually picking the most appropriate combination of settings for the current situation.

Obviously not all situations are covered by the scene modes that the system uses, but it Samsung NX210 Camera LENS work for the majority of the time.

Samsung NX MP 3-inch AMOLED Display NX SMART Digital Camera - Samsung UK

It makes it possible for the less experienced photographer to easily take well-exposed, sharp pictures of people, scenery and close-ups by simply pointing and shooting the camera and is more intuitive than the traditional scene modes which are still available. Also found on the mode dial is the familiar Video icon. There's also a new cinematic x pixel, 24fps mode. The Movie mode is accessed by selecting the Movie option on the shooting mode dial and then pressing the shutter button to begin recording, or via the dedicated one-touch record button on the rear of the camera. Stereo sound is recorded during video capture via the small internal mics on top of of the camera. The HDMI port allows you to connect the NX to a high-def TV set, but unfortunately Samsung have decided to cut costs and not include a HDMI cable as standard in the box, which means that you'll have to purchase one separately to take advantage of this camera's HD connectivity.

You can shoot movies using any of the creative modes, giving you lots of control over exposure, and you can also change the aperture and Samsung NX210 Camera LENS speed during recording, albeit at the expense of recording the mechanism on the soundtrack. The NX offers the ability to set the white balance. You can set a video Samsung NX210 Camera LENS be played back at various slower or faster speeds x0.

You can also use a zoom lens during recording with the focusing set as for still images by half-pressing the shutter button. On the negative side, you'll find that if you choose continuous auto-focus, areas of the video will be blurred before becoming sharp again as the camera tries to refocus and the noise of the AF system is a little intrusive. Using manual focus is trickier but will ultimately produce better looking and sounding movies. On a more positive note, having the AF system is better than Samsung NX210 Camera LENS being able to auto-focus at all, as with some DSLR cameras that offer video recording. The latter mode offers built-in Wi-Fi, with an array of options available. MobileLink allows you to directly send images to a compatible smartphone or tablet, while Remote Viewfinder uutilises a smartphone as a live image previewer.

Finally TV Link takes the place of a physical HDMI connection by playing back photos on any device that's connected to the same wireless access point as the camera.

These include easier Samsung NX210 Camera LENS in bright sunshine and a very wide viewing angle, 10, times faster refresh rate than conventional LCDs, less power consumption and a high contrast ratio of 10, A newaddition to the NX is a useful dual-axis level gauge which helps to ensure that both horizontal and vertical orientations are level. To the right of the LCD is a familiar round navigation pad with four buttons above and two below.

Starting at the top are very handily placed buttons for instant movie recording and setting the exposure compensation, then the self-explanatory Menu button. Unfortunately there's no dedicated button for locking the exposure.

Samsung NX210 Camera LENS main menu system on the NX is very straight-forward to use. There are five main menus - Camera, Movie, Custom, Settings and GPS - presented as a row of horizontal icons, and due to the large LCD screen and restricting the number of on-screen choices to six, the various options and icons are clear and legible.


Share great shots with the Samsung NX Smart Camera. It features built-in Wi-Fi MP NX SMART Digital Camera Front With lens.


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