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For Permissions, please email: AIMS Lab tr288 Background and Aims Active growth in post-embryonic sporophytes of desert mosses is restricted to the cooler, wetter months. However, most desert mosses have perennial gametophytes. It is hypothesized that these life history patterns are due, in part, to a reduced desiccation tolerance for sporophytes relative to gametophytes. At the high stress treatment, a significantly higher frequency of burned leaves and browned shoots occurred.

While the timing of protonemal production and sporophytic phenophases was relatively unaffected by desiccation stress, shoots exposed to one rapid-dry cycle produced shoots more rapidly than shoots exposed to two rapid-dry cycles. Conclusions It is concluded that sporophytes of Tortula inermis are more sensitive to rapid drying than are maternal gametophytes, and that sporophyte abortion in response to desiccation results from either reduced desiccation tolerance of sporophytes relative AIMS Lab tr288 gametophytes, or from a termination of the sporophyte on the part of the gametophyte in response to stress. Key words: These processes are manifested in reduced growth rates, loss of chlorophyll, and reduced regeneration potential Schonbeck and Bewley, ab ; Barker et al.

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However, photosystems in desiccation-tolerant bryophytes suffer little or no damage following desiccation, essentially returning to a functional state within minutes, which may be related to electrolyte AIMS Lab tr288 during AIMS Lab tr288 Deltoro et al. Desiccation tolerance DT is the ability of an organism to dry to equilibrium with the ambient air and then recover and return to normal metabolism on remoistening Proctor and Pence, Vegetative DT evolved early in the land plants, and while subsequently lost during tracheophyte evolution, was retained in the bryophytes Oliver et al.

Bryophytes employ a mechanism of DT that includes both constitutive cellular protection coupled with a rehydration-induced repair—recovery system Oliver et al. In Syntrichia ruralis, during rehydration from a desiccated state, gene expression is altered through translational control Oliver, In addition, during a slow drying event, transcripts encoding rehydrins are sequestered in messenger ribonucleoprotein particles mRNPs for storage in the dried state Wood and Oliver, During rapid drying, such sequestration of transcripts is negligible, and this is why rapid drying presents a formidable stress even for desiccation-tolerant plants such as desert Pottiaceae.

Desiccation damage to bryophytes is greatest when the period of hydration is the shortest Bewley, ; Bewley and Krochko, ; Oliver and Bewley, ; i. Recent evidence points to AIMS Lab tr288 high frequency of short hydration intervals for bryophytes, even in relatively humid, mesic environments Proctor,implying a high frequency of rapid drying events. When Syntrichia is dried rapidly, the plants are compromised in their ability to repair damage incurred when next rehydrated. Most critically, net carbon gain is not possible under repetitive RD conditions Alpert, Upon rehydration, rapidly dried plants of S.

The principal reason postulated for the acute stress of rapid desiccation is that cells have insufficient time to sequester repair transcripts in specialized AIMS Lab tr288 for storage in the dried state Wood and Oliver, Alternatively, when plants are slowly dried approx.

A diversity of assessments of bryophyte DT has been employed, including membrane permeability Beckett et al. Shoot regeneration as a stress-response variable allows repetitive, noninvasive observations over the course of AIMS Lab tr288 experiment; it also constitutes a significant process of clonal AIMS Lab tr288 and establishment, which is most likely to be the dominant form of reproduction in bryophytes Newton and Mishler, The DT of bryophyte sporophytes has as far as is known never been assessed, in part because a developing sporophyte is connected to and dependent upon the maternal gametophyte, thus making intrinsic comparisons difficult. Correlations between massive sporophyte abortions and unusually heavy summer precipitation events followed by rapid drying; Stark,a suggest that sporophytes are less desiccation-tolerant than their maternal gametophytes.

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It is therefore hypothesized that a reduced recovery from desiccation in sporophytes is relative to their maternal gametophytes, and it is predicted that growth resumption in attached sporophytes will be more adversely affected than regeneration of maternal gametophytic shoot tissue. Recent record rainfall in this region had resulted in hundreds of patches of a variety of species having developing sporophytes, an uncommon event in the Mojave Desert. Hydrated patches were allowed to desiccate slowly in the AIMS Lab tr288 over a h period. Shoots were stored dry in the laboratory until use on 30 January A series of pilot experiments on several species was conducted to determine ease of manipulation in the laboratory disposition of the calyptra can affect sporophyte viabilityphenophase a clearly marked developmental phase during development variation in the sporophytes, AIMS Lab tr288 resumption of growth of sporophytic plants.

For desiccation tolerance, Tortula inermis Brid.


This species is known from throughout the American south-west and adjacent Mexico Flowers, ; Mishler,and becomes a dominant species at lower elevations in the Mojave Desert Stark, Desiccation treatments A few short-term pilot runs were carried out to determine suitable AIMS Lab tr288 treatments. The early seta elongation phenophase was used instead of embryonic sporophytes because pilot trials indicated that embryonic sporophytes were less desiccation tolerant, despite a sporophyte phenopattern in several desert mosses that exposes embryonic sporophytes to long periods of desiccation Stark, b.

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One-hundred and sixty shoots having sporophytes in the early seta elongation phenophase Fig. Individual plants with sporophytes were separated from co-joined shoots and 30 such plants were AIMS Lab tr288 assigned to each treatment and placed in a hole capacity plastic well-plate, one plant per well-hole.


Plants were handled using forceps gently clasping a leaf or the base of the shoot. AIMS Lab TR driver.

AIMS Lab Video Drivers. Trexe (this is video highway tr driver) This site maintains listings of video and graphics drivers. AIMS Lab tr driver. AIMS Lab Video Drivers. AIMS Lab tr288 problemas con w98) This site maintains listings of video and graphics drivers available on the.

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