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Advanced Skyline Technology Ltd. AST has obtained the right to be a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, a rigorous and lengthy licensing process where a company has to meet a minimum average threshold of 5, PCs shipped per month. In fact, AST ships out over 10, units a month, professionally refurbishing desktops, laptops and servers with genuine Microsoft software. Computers are loaded with Windows 10 plus, Windows Live services and Microsoft Security Essentials and provides a complete refurbished PC solution, which is a great value for businesses or homes.

Our quality refurbished computers not only satisfy North American demand, but they also get exported AST Vision 7N our worldwide marketing network to many different countries and regions including Europe, Asia, etc.

Looking the future, AST will continue to enhance our capabilities in cutting-edge technologies, services, information-based operations, and a combination of environment management AST Vision 7N quality production, to grow from a national to a global enterprise. AST is also seeking to extend our business AST Vision 7N cover a wider range of refurbished computer products and to also transform us from a manufacturer to a service provider.

About AST Systems (UK)

These bars can vary in width spatial frequency as well as contrast from target to target, to give a more thorough evaluation of how sensitive your eyes are to differences in contrast. Some sine-wave grating AST Vision 7N include a bright light source that can be directed toward your eyes during the test to simulate glare situations such as oncoming headlights during night-driving. If your eye doctor determines that you need a contrast sensitivity test, it likely will be administered after a standard visual acuity test and before your pupils are dilated.


The testing typically is done while you wear your eyeglasses or contact lenses if you require vision correction. AST Vision 7N evaluation of eye diseasecontrast sensitivity usually is tested on each eye individually. For other reasons, such as sports vision testing or to evaluate vision after contact lens fitting, LASIK or cataract surgery, the testing might be done with both eyes open.


Contrast sensitivity function CSF AST Vision 7N contrast sensitivity measurements that include both size spatial frequency and contrast are used to plot a person's contrast sensitivity function CSF. Sine-wave grating targets with thicker bars represent low spatial frequencies; targets with thinner bars represent higher spatial frequencies.

In this regard, determining a person's CSF is much like evaluating the sensitivity of his or her hearing, AST Vision 7N involves using tones of low and high pitch as well AST Vision 7N variations in volume. Your contrast sensitivity function essentially is a plotting of the curve that defines the lowest contrast level that you can detect for each spatial frequency tested. Generally, objects with high spatial frequencies sine-wave gratings with very thin bars must have significantly higher contrast than objects with lower spatial frequencies gratings with medium-width bars to be detected by the human visual system.

AST Research

AST Vision 7N is developing a new platform to assess everyday functional vision. Our work began as a lab project in basic vision science to improve how visual changes are detected in research experiments.

Clinicians understand the importance of testing different aspects of visual performance: Taken together, these results demonstrate that the AST Manifold Platform provides a measure of visual performance that correlates with subjective visual experience, but can be measured with the precision typical of objective measures. To distinguish between the properties of test repeatability and precision, we have developed novel quantitative metrics. For example, a vision test with coarse quantization can yield repeatable results, but because the steps are so large, the results are not useful for tracking AST Vision 7N changes in individuals over time.

Adaptive Sensory Technology (AST) is inventing new ways to evaluate and monitor Our work began as a lab project in basic vision science to improve how.


Our early studies confirm that the AST Manifold Platform delivers an important assessment of everyday vision. In a published study of multiple sclerosis.

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