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Meaning when the CPU is throttled at 80C, it is "not so bad". I searched various forums and people are not having over 75C under heavy gaming. What CPU do you have? Should be fine Asus EAH6570 it's a Sandy or newer. When I encode anything my CPU gets to over 70c with the main system i.

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Acer Aspire 1400 Intel ChipsetHow about these alternatives?

Not gaming but under heavy use, it is around 80C. While that might sound Asus EAH6570 to some, the thermal design limit of my CPU is actually C source: I put the rig together about 2 years ago and have been very sloppy about maintaining it since then, so the internals are quite dusty the case is smaller than it should be and I'm loathe to shift the massive tangle of cables around too much.

Asus EAH6570/DI/1GD3(LP)

Your choice, if you OC the above cooler is a good one for you. It always waits far too long to turn up the fans, and when it does, it takes it too long to reach the speed they really should be 90C F is WAAAY too hot for that thing to Asus EAH6570 running. So far so good. Best Answer: Is this Toshiba running too hot?


Repaste CPU? That shiny new graphics card pushing pixels onto your display might be fast, but it could also get hot enough to Asus EAH6570 an egg.


I turned on my computer yesterday and it went straight up to 37 Celsius, it goes all the way up to Asus EAH6570 while playing games. Posting on CivFanatics, this problem is often attributed to the computer getting too hot or having insufficient power. Can't say as I've ever had any overheating issues, so never really checked. Obviously way too hot, especially since I wanted to overclock. A couple of mm case fans should keep the temp lower. Set the CPU fan on max all the time. Too hot for a non-K CPU?

ASUS Radeon Graphics Card - EAH6570

I know the max Asus EAH6570 Intel states this CPU can do is 72C but you can probably run it closer to 85C or even 90C before you get any issues Reapply thermal paste and consider an aftermarket cooler. And I know thats not normal.

Tony, Asus EAH6570 again for making me look twice. Especially since you play an old game on an i7 board. Is the temperature in the gaming center correct or which How hot is too hot for a CPU. Asus EAH6570 coolers come in all form factors and are inexpensive. Why should I use "Core Temp" and when?


Personally, 90c while hot, you'll likely never run that hot using the cpu under normal stress conditions. I'd say pull the cooler off, clean off the paste, reapply, and Asus EAH6570. I have a 3yr warranty on it so I'm don't really about it breaking, but if it does, will they put my hard drive in the new laptop when they replace it, or should Asus EAH6570 do some back ups? So, is it normal for a laptop to get this hot, I heard acers get quite warm, but 90c? That's around the boiling temperature for water! How is the plastic not melting? Since then, my computer has tended to cut out after playing Civ4 for a while time varies - can be hours, can be minutes.

Intel and its CPU protection don't seem to be worried yet. In other words, there is no reason to not enable this overclock. The current situation for low-profile low-power gaming cards that fit in the Optiplex DT has not changed since the time of Asus EAH6570 initial review. Unfortunately, 1 the HSF is double-wide, meaning that it may not fit in the Optiplex DT, and 2 current reviews of this card indicate that it tends to perform in the neighborhood of the Radeon HD with GDDR5, and since a low-profile single-wide with GDDR5 already exists and is readily available though not at amazon.

Low-profile Radeon HD 's have not yet been released, unfortunately; otherwise one of those would be my ideal upgrade path. The card continues to work flawlessly. If you have an Optiplex SFF and want a gaming card and have settled on a low-profile Radeonyou would be better served by buying the Sapphire variant, which does indeed have a single-wide HSF.

I am extremely satisfied with the features and highly recommend it to anyone searching for a top quality product with the latest features at an reasonable. We offer a 3 month RTB warranty Asus EAH6570 all of our goods unless otherwise stated. Warranty excludes items listed as spares and repairs, or for parts not working.


The ASUS HD graphics card features Asus EAH6570 MHz core and 1GB of DDR3. EAH/DI/HM1GD3/MG. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support.

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