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What you get for your money The picture Allied Data CopperJet 424 gives a real idea of the small size of this router, it measures just It comes with an RJ11 lead to connect you to your ADSL micro-filter, and a network cable to connect to a single computer.

The Power supply is smaller than the usual power Allied Data CopperJet 424, and should fit very well into most power strips; the supply to the router is 9V AC 1Amp. A short set-up booklet from Billion is included, and the CD includes a full manual covering all the basic and advanced features of the unit.

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To make life simpler, Solwise include a supplementary sheet with screen shots of the settings for a BT and a Kingston Communications phone line. The LEDs on the front of the router, are large and bright, with their purpose as follows: A very minor thing, Allied Data CopperJet 424 be careful when unplugging any network leads to avoid damaging the RJ45 plug or socket.

The reset button appears to work two ways, a short press less than three seconds just reboots the unit, holding in for around six seconds resets the machine to its factory defaults. Basic Configuration The router is configured pretty much like all the others Allied Data CopperJet 424 the market.

It does not matter if your ADSL line is plugged in or not at this stage, you can configure the router in anticipation of your ADSL line being activated, so you can use it as soon as possible Allied Data CopperJet 424 activation. The screenshot above shows what options you have when you first connect to the router, of course it is password protected, and to get to this point you will have needed to enter admin for the username and admin for the password when prompted. The configuration is fairly simple; just click the Wizard Setup link shown in the screenshot above, to be guided through the options that need changing.


The next stage is to enter your ISP assigned username and password. Static IP addresses are controlled by the ISPs hardware, which is simply told to keep handing the same IP address out for a specific account name. This means no Allied Data CopperJet 424 how long you leave your connection idle, the router will keep the connection open.

If you want, you can switch to letting the router only connect on demand, but this can mean a few seconds delay if it does disconnect when you first request a web page again. An explanation of the NAT modes is shown below: Step Allied Data CopperJet 424 in the setup, displays all the settings you have entered, so you can review them and check you have got things correct.


If all is well, you should see the PPP light come on a short while after pressing the Save Settings button. You can double check the status by looking at the System Status under the Maintenance menu.

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The show statistics button provides a wealth of other information, and is a pop-up that refreshes every five seconds by default. Unusually it also tells you the CPU load Allied Data CopperJet 424 the router, so if you are using a very busy network you can monitor how busy the routers processor is, as well as the speeds of the ADSL line. Advanced Configuration The S is not limited to just getting you online, it does have further options that allow you to configure services to be visible behind the firewall functionality of the router. You may need further configuration, commonly called port forwarding, for some online games, peer to peer applications, and running things like a web server. Under the NAT Allied Data CopperJet 424 item for the router is the screen shown below.

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Eleven rules can be entered, and fortunately with such a small amount available in the web interface, you can specify a port range. For example if you wanted to forward ports to to the computer with the LAN IP address of Obviously you need to click Save for the Allied Data CopperJet 424 to be stored. Unlike some other routers, when you save settings on the S, it does not totally reboot the router, it appears to save settings very fast, and with minimal interruption to the other computers on a network. Rule 1 is slightly different to the others. It would normally be termed as the DMZ option.

PIM product data: Allied Telesis CopperJet wired router CJTBEU Wired Routers CopperJet SHDSL Bridge / Router, 4 x. NetZoom Device Library for Allied Data Technologies. Device List (a valid subscription is required to download). CopperJet BRI ยท Back to Manufacturer.

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