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During the stock-take representatives of both the Seller and Buyer shall jointly use all their reasonable endeavours to identify any Damaged Stock. Any such Damaged Stock shall be destroyed or otherwise dealt with by the Seller unless expressly agreed to the contrary. The Stock shall be valued on a basis consistent with those accounting standards, principles and policies applied in the preparation of the Accounts and otherwise prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards, principles and policies in the United Kingdom.

The Buyer shall notify the Seller within fourteen 14 Business Days or within such longer period as shall be agreed in writing between the parties of receipt of the Stock Valuation, whether or not the Buyer accepts the calculations therein for the purposes of this Agreement. If the Buyer notifies the Seller that it does not accept the Stock Valuation: If the Buyer is satisfied with the Stock Valuation either as originally submitted or after adjustments agreed between the Seller and the Buyer then the Stock Valuation incorporating any agreed adjustments shall constitute the agreed Stock Valuation for the purposes of this Agreement.

In the event that the parties are not able to agree on the Stock Valuation by the expiry Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ the Negotiation Period pursuant to Clause 8. The accountants appointed as experts pursuant to this Clause 8 shall, in giving their determination, state what adjustments if any are necessary to the Stock Valuation in such form as it stands at that time, in respect of the matters in dispute in order to comply with the requirements of this Agreement and shall give their reasons therefore and shall make such determination as soon as is reasonably practicable after their appointment and in any event by not later than thirty 30 days after their appointment.

Of such value of the Stock by no later than one hundred and eighty days after the Completion Date. If any such payment is not made by the dates indicated in Clause 8.

The Buyer shall not acquire the Receivables, which shall remain the property and the responsibility of the Seller. Notwithstanding that the Receivables are excluded from the Assets hereby agreed to be sold, the Buyer agrees that it will, as agent for and at no cost to the Seller, use all reasonable endeavours but Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ being obliged to incur any expenditure short of commencing legal proceedings to collect the Receivables to the extent not collected upon Completionhold the sums of money representing the same upon trust for the Seller, and record such receipt separately in its books subject to the following terms and conditions or such other terms, conditions or arrangements as may be agreed from time to time in writing between the Seller and the Buyer: Without the prior written consent of the Seller the Buyer shall not effect any settlement compromise or release any claim in respect of any of the Receivables nor, without such consent, institute, carry on, defend, compromise, abandon or submit to judgment in any legal proceedings or join in and submit to arbitration or give security or indemnities for costs, pay any sum of money into court or obtain payment of money lodged in court.


If it becomes apparent that recovery of any of the Receivables is not likely to be possible within a reasonable period not to exceed ninety 90 days unless legal proceedings are instituted, the Buyer will advise the Seller in writing and furnish the Seller with particulars of the Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ taken by the Buyer to effect recovery. Where the debtor in question is a continuing debtor of the Business Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ Completion, the Seller shall consult with the Buyer to determine what action is required in respect of the debtor s in question. Within ten 10 Business Days of the end of each month commencing after Completion the Buyer shall provide the Seller with a statement of the Receivables collected in that month or, in the case of the first such month, the period between Completion and the end of such month and shall remit to the Seller the amounts so received during that period; and.


After the expiration of six 6 months from Completion the obligations of the Buyer under this Clause 9. The Seller undertakes with effect from Completion to assign Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ the order of the Buyer, or to procure the assignment to the order of the Buyer, all the Contracts which are capable of assignment without the consent of other parties or without breaching the terms of such Contracts.

In so far as any of the Contracts are not assignable to the Buyer without the agreement of or novation by or consent to the assignment from another party, this Agreement shall not constitute an assignment or attempted assignment if such assignment or attempted assignment would constitute a breach of such Contracts. If any of the Contracts cannot be assigned or novated to the Buyer without the consent of a third party, then each Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ the Seller and the Buyer shall use their respective reasonable endeavours to obtain such consent.

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In any case where the consent in Clause To the extent that any payment is made to the Seller in respect of the Contracts on or after Completion, the Seller shall receive the same as trustee, shall record such payment separately in its books and shall account to the Buyer for the same within five 5 Business Days of receipt. To the extent permitted Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ the competent Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+, the Seller undertakes with effect from Completion to permit the Buyer to operate the Business under the Ivex Manufacturing Licences for the Interim Period or until the Buyer is granted New Licences, whichever is the earlier.

Both parties will use all their reasonable endeavours and perform all such acts that may be reasonably necessary during the Interim Period to ensure the New Licences are granted and each party will provide the other with any information they may reasonably request on the progress of such applications. Pending the grant to the Buyer of the New Licences, the Seller shall: The Buyer confirms that it assumes all responsibility for regulatory, pharmacovigilance and medical information activities, effective from the Completion Date in respect of the Ivex Marketing Authorisations. The Buyer also confirms that it will utilise systems and procedures in place which comply fully with the provisions of The Medicines for Human Use Marketing Authorisations etc Regulations S. Save as expressly stated otherwise in the Services Agreements, all rates, water, gas, electricity and telephone charges, salaries, wages, and other outgoings and costs of a periodic nature which are chargeable by reference to a period commencing before and ending after Completion shall be apportioned on a time basis pro rata provided that any such outgoings or costs chargeable by reference to the extent of the use of any property or rights shall be apportioned between the Seller and the Buyer according to the extent of such use.

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Where any amounts are to be apportioned under this Agreement, the Seller shall provide the Buyer with details of the apportionments with supporting vouchers or similar documentation, and in the absence of dispute between the Seller and the Buyer, the appropriate payment shall be made by or to the Seller in accordance with the terms of this Clause If the amount of any apportionment is in dispute, the matter shall be referred for final settlement to a firm of chartered accountants nominated jointly by the Seller and the Buyer or, failing such nomination, within fourteen 14 days after request by either the Seller or the Buyer, nominated at the request of either of them by the President for the time being of the Ulster Society of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

The accountants shall be entitled to call for and inspect such documents as they may reasonably consider necessary. The amount determined to be due in accordance with this Clause shall be paid within fourteen 14 days of the date of determination, together with interest calculated on a daily basis as well after as before judgmentfrom the date of determination until the date of actual payment, at the rate of two 2 per cent per annum above the base lending rate from time to time of Bank of Ireland, Belfast. In relation to any expenditure or outgoing of the Business which is consideration for a taxable supply and which is apportioned under this Clause Any payment due between the Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ pursuant to this Clause The Seller and the Buyer acknowledge and agree that the sale and purchase of the Business and Assets pursuant to this Agreement will constitute a relevant transfer for the purposes of the Regulations and that such transactions will not operate so as to terminate any of the contracts of employment of the Assumed Employees.

The Buyer undertakes to the Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ that it shall give the Seller such information as will enable the Seller to perform the duty imposed on it by regulation The Buyer shall discharge and hereby undertakes to indemnify the Seller against all liabilities, obligations, costs, claims and demands arising from or in respect of the Assumed Employees before Completion in respect of any breach of Regulation 10 3 of the Regulations by the Buyer. To the extent required by law, the Buyer will indemnify the Seller against any claim arising directly from the resignation of an Assumed Employee on or prior to Completion on account of any proposal of the Buyer to change terms and conditions of employment or working conditions for that Employee, provided in both cases of the indemnifications in this clause The Buyer agrees that for a period of 12 months after Completion the Assumed Employees will continue to receive basic salary and contractual benefits which are overall no less favourable than the salary and contractual benefits for the Assumed Employees at Completion.

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If the contract of employment of any Assumed Employee is found or alleged not to have effect after Completion as if originally made with the Buyer, the Dell OptiPlex G1 350L+ agrees that: The Seller undertakes to the Buyer: WIN98SE should See the G1 RageIIC video and not need drivers. Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here. I do not work for Dell. This is a preview of Dell's new support website. Tell us what you think.


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