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There's no FireWire, no optical drive and the only way to connect to an ethernet network is via an included USB adapter. But if the specs that matter most to you are light weight Apple MacBook Air 3.2 small size, the MacBook Air is ideal. These Apple MacBook Air 3.2 models aren't much faster than their predecessors - the high-end system is actually slower than the previous model - but they're cheaper. PC World But if the specs that matter most to you are light weight and small size, the MacBook Air is the system for you.


These new models aren't much faster than their predecessors according to Macworld's findings --in fact, the high-end system is slower than the previous model--but they're cheaper. Unfortunately, we can't give a final score just yet--we're still waiting on PC WorldBench 6 test results--but if the MacBook Air always appealed to you, except for the price tag, it's time to reconsider the Air. Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: PC Mag When Steve Jobs first pulled the Apple MacBook Air out of a manila Apple MacBook Air 3.2, the laptop Apple touted as the world's thinnest instantly turned media pundits into starry-eyed zealots. At that point, no one knew what features it had, what parts Apple MacBook Air 3.2 ran, or even its price—just that, suddenly, the Air was a must-have.

Yet the limitations that came to light after the Air's announcement tarnished its luster. After all, it was the only laptop in its class with a single USB port and a non-removable battery, and many features found in other Apple MacBook Air 3.2 were absent. One only Apple MacBook Air 3.2 that better things were yet to come. The improved graphics performance does make it feel a lot smoother and more responsive than before. Yet, for all its limitations, the sheer quality of the design shines through. Being able to balance the laptop lightly in the palm of one hand, or to simply snap the lid shut and pick it up the way you would with an ordinary A4 notepad really does make it enormously convenient and comfortable to use - and we did not, as one of our esteemed colleagues suggests, feel like a tit while doing so. Leistung gut Single Review, online available, Long, Date: PC Advisor If the first MacBook Air was a revolutionary take on the Apple laptop line, this is an evolutionary step - which is exactly what you'd expect from a second-generation release.

Aesthetically, the two generations are virtually the same; technologically, the new one offers a speed boost and better storage options at a better price than when the Air debuted. Having said that, if you don't think you need the ultimate in thinness and style - and to my eye, this really is the ultimate in the looks department - do yourself a favour and check out the new MacBook while you're comparison-shopping. Sure, it's chunkier - compared with the Air, just about everything is - and heavier at 4. But it's faster, offers more storage and is more expandable. Oh, and it's cheaper. User Review Source: If you are in the market for an all-round light-weight notebook then the Macbook Air is one of the most portable and visually appealing notebooks on the market. Otherwise you may want to consider the MacBook, which is significantly cheaper and provides high performance computing, better connectivity and ample storage.

Fudzilla Let's start with the basics.

The Air is the best looking MacBook ever, and as far as I'm concerned, one of the best looking notebooks in general. Apple designed Apple MacBook Air 3.2 with fashion-minded people in mind and it did a marvelous job. The good looks come at a price, but many people will be more than happy to sacrifice USBs, Ethernet and an optical drive to enjoy Apple's latest toy.

So, what are the drawbacks? Lack of ports springs to mind first.

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No Ethernet? Some people won't really mind, but others will. Apple MacBook Air 3.2 the internet we've seen similar reactions, with some users embracing the product despite its compromises, and others attacking it as a product with no purpose other than to part fools from their money. Not wishing to sound like a broken record, but how you see the Air has a lot to do with your priorities. For some, the Air's lack of a swappable battery and its underpowered processor make it a terrible value proposition — like paying for black on a MacBook.

MacBook Air Technical Specifications

We take the point, but have to disagree. Family, LateID, MacBookAir3,2. RAM, 2 GB, VRAM, MB.


Storage,GB SSD, Optical, None*. Complete MacBook Air "Core 2 Duo" 13".

MacBook Air 3,2 (inch, Late ) is the subnotebook engineered, designed and manufactured by Apple. It is the compromise between MacBook Pro and  Model Identifier‎: ‎MacBookAir3,2.

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